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Why can’t environmentalists just lighten the fuck up already?

“Where am I? What is this place?”

The Gigawut is answering the the biggest question facing the planet today: How do we stop making environmentalism so fucking depressing? Today’s most finite and precious natural resource is not oil, water or air – it’s human attention! People shut down when faced with depressing issues. “Oh this sucks, let’s watch a cat video instead.” If doom and gloom worked, we would have fixed everything decades ago. We’re here to change all that. Founded by professional comedy and satire writer, Aaron Hagey-MacKay, we want to keep the planet alive by keeping the conversation alive. We’ll give you news, analysis, opinion, memes, videos, along with cool lifestyle tips, tricks and recipes, and product reviews for the eco-conscious consumer. In the meantime, that means keeping the most upsetting and heartbreaking topics from bumming you out.

Topics like:

  • Climate Change (no, wait, Global Warming. No wait! It’s called the Climate Crisis now, right?)
  • Coral Reef destruction
  • Whether or not Greta Thunberg is actually an ancient God sent to save us
  • Plastic contamination
  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Ground pollution
  • The New Pollution by Beck
  • Deforestation
  • Soil Erosion
  • Over population
  • Eco-System Collapse
  • What do we do with all these obstructionist Baby Boomers?
  • Extinction
  • Animal Rights
  • Hurricanes, floods, and droughts
  • Fossil fuel use: Oil, coal and natural gas
  • The animal magnetism of Al Gore’s sexy body

We Promise…

  1. If you follow us, we’ll endeavour to deliver content and discussion that uses a clever mix of funny and fact to motivate change.
  2. We are unapologetically pro-science. No energy crystal nonsense here.
  3. There will always be some hope.
  4. No shaming – This isn’t a contest to see who is the most virtuous. We all want to do our best. We’ll never turn people off our cause by being a dick about it. Unless, like, they really deserve it.
  5. We’ll also have some fun lifestyle tips, tricks and recipes that actually make this a social and life-affirming place to be.

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17 Memes That Perfectly Capture The Climate Crisis

Humanity has evolved past mere words and now discusses matters of importance in a more evolved format: Memes. The environmental collapse is the most important issue we’ve ever faced, so here are 17 memes that perfectly capture the stupidity of inaction and the urgency of changing literally everything.

1) The Two Most Important Numbers In One Date


2) That’s Just Logic


3) Loving Science Only To A Certain Point


4) It’s All A Big Hoax!

Joel Pett - cc

5) Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Warm


6) Are We Next?


7) New Take On Drake


8) Middle Ground Is A Hoax


9) When People Don’t Want To Believe


10) Seems About Right


11) But The Mayans Tho


12) Imagine Only Using One Item Your Whole Life


13) Thank God For Nuclear Winter


14) Misplaced Priorities


15) Hmmm…


16) It’s On Fucking Fire!!


17) From Distress To De-Stress


Images via me.me